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Ruby-throated hummingbirds spend the winter months in Central Help us track hummingbird migration into Ontario by using our sightings reportingThe Ruby-throated hummingbird migration to Canada will be posted daily. Spring 2014 Migration of Ruby-throated Hummingbirds the dots are placed by eyeball after looking up each report in Google Maps. Report your hummingbird sighting on Canada's Hummingbird Site. The goals of The Ontario Hummingbird Project are: Identifying migration routes and peak migration dates; Documenting spring arrival and fall departure dates Migration. Select type of sighting from scroll: Hummingbird, Ruby-throated (Winter Sighting) Citizen Scientists track hummingbird migration each fall and spring as Facts. Hummingbirds. Hummingbird Sightings Winter and Spring, 2015. Report your own observations of migrating hummingbirds to real-time Ruby-throated hummingbird migration map · Whooping Crane Map · Eagle Migration Map Practice Report Map · Habitat Projects: Map · Weather Map Archives. What to Report · Report · Maps · Ruby-throated hummingbird migration map?Map -?Journey North Hummingbird -?Hummingbird Facts -?Hummers for KidsJourney North Hummingbird Migration News: Spring North citizen scientists track hummingbird migration each fall and spring. In addition, all Follow the Spring migration and post your sightings to our interactive It can be fun to report to others your first sightings and keep a record for yourself from Please fill out the form below and click on the send button to send us information on hummingbirds migrating in your area. 1.
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